Seperate Reality | Crystallize – how things appear to us

Ivana Kleinertz
Holography | Video | Mixed Media
11.06.2021 – 18.07.2021

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The audio-visual installation Crystallize - how things appear to us is about the simulation of proximity and proximity-distance relations. It explores the question of how one can create closeness through distance. Reflecting through time and space, through levels of reality and fiction, through immersion in inner and outer worlds, the artistic works attempt to touch upon personal and collective (sub)consciousness and to bring about an examination of our existence. The crystal, as indicated in the title, remains thematically groundbreaking, it means clarity - finding clarity to oneself, to the other person or to a (crisis) situation.

The work was created during the Corona lockdown, so that the loss of 'physical' closeness, isolation and questions about the existential meaning of our lives came up thematically. One was close through the exchange of thoughts, one was close through virtual seeing on the laptop surface.

The artistic work deals with states between reality and fiction, between being trapped and being liberated in/from a matrix, with relations of physical and mental proximity, and with (audio-visual) narrative processes that can simulate proximity.

The exhibition includes 3D holography, object art and video works and is presented as an audio-visual installation.

In the front room of the gallery, a 3D holographic projection is shown in a cube object that resembles a crystal. Viewers can look into the object and watch the visualisation. In the second room of the gallery, video works inspired by holography will be shown. In addition, the two rooms will be illuminated with light and acoustic installations in such a way that the viewer has the feeling of being in a crystal or in another reality.
Text: Ivana Kleinertz