Ex Tender

Anne-Katrin Puchner
Objects | Collages | Assemblages
09.06.2017 – 21.08.2017

My research
I have always been interested in movement. From my dance training in Seville, to my engine-powered installations during my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts, to the social transformations I investigate as a cultural scientist and currently as a consumer researcher. And all this research flows into my artistic work: it is change that interests me.

Observing this 'seeing', this transformation, is becoming more and more important today - in a society that is overwhelmed with images and information - a society in which our gods and guiding images have been lost. Thus, we often have to find our own orientation. Many phenomena, especially our consumer products, are so closed that it is difficult to experiment with them. Art can reveal new experiences and thus new paths and sharpen our consciousness.

Seeing with vigilance means: taking apart, turning around and putting back together, twisting, turning, chewing through, discarding and starting again and above all: looking off the beaten track. In this way, completely new moments, new impressions and thus also new realities emerge.

Through this approach, I came quite naturally to collage or montage - whether in the surface or in space or between surface and space. My forms change as I walk through the space. They 'transform' themselves. New surfaces and forms always emerge - unlike a closed form, which one always thinks of as a whole in one's mind - no matter which side one is on.

How are my collages and montages created? I draw and glue, model and build. The templates are memories and pictures from magazines or even marginal products, often waste products from the haze of consumption. I cut apart and reconnect. Again and again, layer by layer. What I show are frozen moments, framed, installed or cast in bronze or concrete - works that can lead to new ones.