Gisoo Kim
Stitching photos
+ sound performance by Youngjik Jung + Yoonji Kim
16.02.2018 – 14.04.2018

With the exhibition 'Connections', the Coelner Zimmer presents three artists of South Korean origin living in Germany.

Even if their genres are completely different, they are united in their basic idea. The creation of new realities on the basis of given structures. Thus, by sewing her previously cut-up pictures, Gisoo Kim develops new associative spaces that take the viewer into surreal and abstract worlds. Unsuspectingly following the poetry of her pictures, the viewer cannot escape this imagination.

The artist duo Youngjik Jung + Yoonji Kim take the Buddhist idea of the interaction of all forces and the interconnection of all things as their central theme. Thus, a loom that has been converted into a musical instrument or two rotating stones (stone clock) in their functions as sound carriers become a sonic event that creates new realities and accompanies the listener of the performance into a surreal world of "new sounds". In this way, for example, the interweaving of the tones creates sound images and structures that stimulate us to recognise associative moments and, free of contemplative expectations, we are captured by the new.

The two artistic positions complement each other wonderfully and correspond in their own way of linking structures. Each in its own way.

Text: Rainer Rehfeld