Christine Erhard

Photography & Installation


Opening: FR 24.9.2021/19h

Introduction: Dr.Hella Nocke-Schrepper


Christine Erhard's mainly photographic works refer to images in their already mediated, medial form. These two-dimensional images become models for sculptural constructions, which in turn are photographed, so that different levels of reflection and reality overlap. She develops her works out of a sculptural process; the depicted object is conceived and built by her.

Although the spatiality in her images appears extremely heterogeneous and fractured, these are not photomontages in the conventional sense: her images are evidence of a three-dimensional construction in her studio. Different materials, axial perspectives and levels of reality actually physically meet in her images.

In complex relationships between spatial constellations conceived solely for the camera view and photographic (re)constructions, Christine Erhard searches for processes to bring together different levels of reality that determine perception.

She thereby examines the possibilities and effects of reproduction and reconstruction.

Her images are returned to the real exhibition space in installative arrangements and thus made tangible in a dialectic of image and space.

For this purpose, she develops a wallpaper that quotes architectural structures in its ornamentation. These structures are previously replicated in cardboard, photographed and from this photographic material the wallpaper is created. This is used to cover spatial elements on which her photographic works are then placed.

She also develops a photo object made of concrete, which is printed with one of her photographic images.

The photo object can thus be experienced in relation to its spatial context and thus the exhibition is dealt with as a space. In this installation, the photographic images become a body that oscillates between flat ornament, spatial illusionism, and sculpture.